Organic farming

In the last few years Organic Agricolture has grown up all over the world.

Organic Agricolture:

  • doesn't utilize chemical substances: proof plants, useful insects, mineral and vegetal products are used to protect the cultivations from noxious parasites;
  • it preserves and improves the characteristics of soil: manures and riduced cultivations are the techniques utilized in organic agricolture;
  • it respects the different forms of life present in the environment, by planting and keeping hedges, woods, places of nest-building and to spend the winter.

An organic product is checked in every stage of the production and certified by controlling institutes recognized from the Ministry of Agricolture.
Fruit and vegetables are produced respecting the seasonal of the country where they are produced. In fact in organic farming the forcings of conventional agricolture aren't allowed.
In animal productions animal flours, fodders obtained with chemical substances, OGM are forbidden.

The product sold as organic must be signed by the expression "From Organic Farming - Controlled by CEE", the name of the Certifing Institute and the indications of Minister's Authorization.

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