The Bio-gourmet range of products offers Cantucci with almonds, Canestrelli with hazelnuts, Cookies with chocolate drops, small tarts and Panettoncino, that is to say traditional Italian pastry making products in deluxe packagings, made with ingredients coming 100% from organic farming.
Our delicious traditional bakery products are prepared with first quality and healthy ingredients; taste and health together in order to offer to you first class products in beautiful and elegant packagings.

The Bio-gourmet range of products is addressed above all to supermarkets and to the foreign market because of the delicious taste and the elegance of the packagings; "Made in Italy" prestige in the world!

CanestrelliCantucciCookiesCrostatine in bauletto albicoccaCrostatine in bauletto mirtilloCantucci al cioccolatoCantucci ai mirtilliCantucci ai mirtilli rossi

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