Organic Cantucci Art of Italy

From the typical and traditional Tuscan biscuit, the "Cantuccio", were born 3 new versions, to make them even more tasty and original:

  • The plain chocolate version to enhance the flavor. They are perfect to combine with coffee.
  • The blueberry and cranberry version. Together with the very tasty flavor of these fruits we want to remember the antioxidant properties. They are perfect to combine with white wine after a meal.

In the packaging of these 3 new "cantucci" we have tried to enclose the image of Italian Art from the point of view both of the product and the packaging, with watercolor drawings that remind the colors of the ingredients, printed on carton exacly the same as the drawing. In all 3 products in fact the brand "Art of Italy" is highlighted.

All the ingredients come form organic farming, cultivated without chemical substances, pesticides and weed killers, respecting environment and biodiversity.

organic Cantucci

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