Typical cakes of the tradition Art of Italy

They are prepared following gourmand and healthy recipes, created with ingredients 100% from organic farming, cultivated without chemical substances, pesticides and weed killers, respecting environment and biodiversity. We are suggesting to you first class Italian traditional bakery goods; the best present to offer even to the hardest people to please, and suitable for anybody that cares both for health and for taste and goodness.

CANESTRELLI are traditional Italian biscuits, shaped like daisies and with the delicate and delicious taste of hazelnuts. COOKIES are tasty plain chocolate chip biscuits that provide a healthy snack without compromising on taste. CANTUCCI, an ancient Tuscan delicacy, are prepared with organic flour, eggs, sugar and almonds. 
The packaging is very clean and attractive, easily recognizable and with a picture and position of the products widely studied. The handle makes them perfect for gifts.

Quality Bio cakes of the tradition

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