Bakery products are very important in everyday life, they are the classical snack to make a pause at home, at school or at work.
Twenty years ago sugars and fats were the main ingredients in a bakery product. Nowadays it isn't so and there are a lot of alternatives. The consumption of complex sugars helps to maintain a low glycaemic level.
Complex sugars are more slowly assimilated from our body, because they release glucose in blood gradually. They improve sensitivity to insulin (insulin has got the function to absorb sugars after meal).
In people who suffer from diabetes, pancreas doesn't produce insulin, or insulin produced doesn't work well. Complex sugars create energy supplies and delay the pangs of hanger.
On the other hand simple sugars (glucose, saccharose etc.) have got a very short molecular chain, they fast change in glucose in the blood. The consumption of simple sugars generate a short time of strenght, and then you feel tired if you don't take other sugars.

Malts can be used as sweeteners instead of sugar. Rich in minerals and complex sugars, it is made mixing sprouded barley with a cooked cereal (rice, corn, wheat etc.) and letting enzymes to rest. These enzymes change the starch of cereals in sugar.

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